Spending time outdoors has always been a huge part of my life. So has taking pictures. Both were introduced to me by my Dad. I remember being stood in the dim red-light of the darkroom, teetering on a stool as I was too small to see into the developing tray. As the image slowly darkened on the paper I was transfixed. It seemed like magic.

My images strive to capture moments of splendour in an attempt to convey this feeling to others

In the following years I spent long hours in the darkroom, still favouring traditional chemical processes throughout my degree in photography, unwilling to sacrifice my hard-won knowledge to the digital revolution. Disillusioned with fine-art branches of photography I struck down a path of landscape and documentary, becoming fascinated with the people and post-industrial landscape of the North East of England. I collaborated with organisations such as The Amber Collective, shooting in medium or large format and striving to exhibit work to exacting technical standards.

It was during my time in the North-East that I fell in love with Northumberland’s craggy moorland and big skies. My work began to focus on the landscape itself rather than our impact on it. I feel humility when surrounded by nature, reminded of my own insignificance and the need to live life to its fullest. My images strive to capture moments of splendour in an attempt to convey this feeling to others.

About two years ago I finally succumbed to digital, trading some of the magic for a lot more convenience. Better, lighter equipment and advanced post production software affords much greater creative freedom, particularly in the mountains.

Having spent many happy times in the Lake District, in June 2011 I realised a dream and relocated with my fiancé from the centre of Newcastle to a cottage on the edge of Whinlatter forest.  As well as taking photographs I work as a freelance outdoor instructor and volunteer as a probationary member of Keswick Mountain Rescue Team. With what time is left I enjoy climbing, mountaineering, fell-running, kayaking and mountain biking.